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Haptic Lab

New Orleans


Custom embroidery:


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Slow down and get comfy with the Big Easy with this exquisitely detailed map quilt. Trace your favorite parade routes with the tips of your fingers, from Audubon Park to the 9th Ward. The perfect gift for anyone who loves the Crescent City. Featured in the New York Times, March 2015.


N - north side of Scout Island
S - Manhattan Blvd and Ute Drive
W - Causeway Blvd
E - New Orleans Center for Creative Arts


  • Designed in Brooklyn, handmade by our partners in India 
  • Quilts are made in limited runs and are entirely hand-stitched 
  • Made of 100% organic cotton, ivory land with grey water applique 
  • Throw measures 60" by 72"


For best quilt care, machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry at the lowest sitting (or lay flat to air dry).