Custom Orders


One-of-a-kind custom quilts can be commissioned for any place on earth, at any scale: the small town you grew up in, the city or country you're lonely for, or the college campus where you met your mate. These functional art pieces make unforgettable wedding and anniversary gifts and are heirlooms meant to last for generations. Each custom quilt is crafted entirely by hand in Brooklyn and takes 200+ hours to complete; cost is $0.45 sq/in, or roughly $3600 for a queen-sized project. Lead times for custom orders usually run between twelve and sixteen weeks. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW CUSTOM ORDERS AT THIS TIME.

Cost is contingent upon map scale and detail; please contact us for a quote. Custom DIY kits are not available. 


Wedding quilt of Charleston, S.C. : silk applique


Wedding quilt of Halifax, Nova Scotia: ecru cotton and orange backing


Queen-sized map of Paris: white silk and taupe thread

Keepsake newborn quilt of Vienna, Austria: copper silk


Wall-hanging, historic map of Brooklyn Heights: white silk


Keepsake quilt of Silver Lake, Los Angeles: cotton



King-sized quilt of Lower Manhattan: off-white silk

Throw-sized quilt of New Orleans: gray cotton and green thread

Detail of Penobscot Bay keepsake quilt: silk applique


Ski trail map of Telluride, Colorado: silk and cotton applique

Detail of Telluride quilt 


Piedmont, West Virginia quilt detail: embroidered house portrait on cotton


Orcas Island, San Juans: silk applique on cotton

Topographic quilt of Julian, California