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Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery

Our quilts are beloved gifts. Up the sentimental value by personalizing our maps with hand-embroidered details; we will gladly include special monograms, mark important locations, and add anniversary or birthdates for a small fee.

All of our custom embroidery is done by hand in our studio in Brooklyn, so like hand writing, each and every custom embroidery project will be unique. The embroidery is stitched on the front of the quilt, in a corner with a hand selected thread color that contrasts well with your chosen quilt. Our custom embroidery is a labor of love, so please allow at least two weeks (not including shipping) for your custom embroidery project to be complete.





Custom quilt projects are non-refundable. However, if there's a mistake on your custom quilt (a typo, incorrect location) we'll happily make the alteration for you. Please email info@hapticlab.com to coordinate a return. We are not responsible for detail requests that were submitted incorrectly.

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