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About Pre-Order Sales

About Pre-Order Sales

Pre-order sales help us fund the enormous costs of production for new quilt designs and function like mini-Kickstarter campaigns that allow us to add new cities every month. We're planning several pre-order sales for new locations throughout 2012, adding requested designs from customer feedback in limited editions. 

Production for new quilt designs usually takes two months. But it can sometimes take as long as three months, depending on unpredictable things like material sourcing and customs clearance. When you pre-order a quilt that hasn't been made yet, please be patient and we promise to do our best to keep you updated on progress. We don't recommend pre-ordering a limited edition quilt as a time-sensitive gift. 

Pre-order sales are a chance for us to offer affordable designs of places that are more regional, off-the-beaten path, but still dearly loved by the folks that call those places home. New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Seattle... you get the idea. Each quilt is truly a labor of love and a collaborative effort. And we couldn't do it without you. 

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