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Haptic Lab

Constellation Quilt - Queen


Custom embroidery:


Learn more about our custom embroidery here.

Sleep under the stars with our queen sized version of the Constellation Quilt. Imaginative and timeless, the project illuminates our connection to the still mysterious universe using traditional craft techniques and astronomical data. A Constellation Quilt can be used as a learning tool, a functional art object and modern heirloom.


  • The Big and Little Dipper, Gemini, Orion, Leo, Taurus and the Milky Way
  • The quilt depicts a global view of the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere as if you were standing at the north pole.


  • Measures 86" by 86" - Large enough to fit a king-sized bed as a coverlet
  • Designed in Brooklyn, made by our partners in India
  • Stars and Constellations are entirely hand-stitched in 100% silk thread
  • Made of 100% Organic cotton


For best quilt care, we recommend dry cleaning only.