DIY Quilt - Ann Arbor

Sew your own 36" x 42" map of the best college town in America. (Emily is a graduate of the University of Michigan... we're preferential.) These quilt projects make great keepsakes or wall-hangings and are large enough to use as a crib quilt. Personalize your map with embroidered details that are most special to you: your old off-campus house, favorite local watering hole, or indicate the average length of the queue to get inside of Zingerman's. 

The basic DIY kit includes a single-use map template of Ann Arbor and sewing instructions. Purchase your quilt fabric, batting and thread separately (our instructions include a material list to take to your local quilt shop). Some prior sewing experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Category: Ann Arbor, DIY kit, Michigan

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