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Haptic Lab

North Star Quilt

Humans around the world have navigated with the North Star, a symbol of constancy, direction and motivation for centuries. While the North Star is close to the north celestial pole, it is not *true* north, and will not be the North Star forever. The North Star Quilt features the night sky as it will appear on March 24th, 2100: a time in the future when Polaris will be aligned with the north celestial pole. 

The original artwork for this quilt was ice dyed onto cotton in our Brooklyn studio by Kristin Culmo. 


    • Measures 52" x 52"
    • Quilt includes a hanging sleeve on the back so it can be easily hung 
    • Designed in Brooklyn, fabric digitally printed in Pennsylvania 
    • Stars and Constellations are entirely hand-stitched by our partners in India 
    • Made of 100% cotton 


    Dry Clean Only.