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Haptic Lab

Solar System - Queen


Custom embroidery:


Learn more about our custom embroidery here.


Solar System Queens will be arriving in July. Depending on when the quilts arrive, orders with custom embroidery might ship in August. 


Explore the outer reaches of our Solar System with the tips of your fingers - this quilt is sure to spark scientific curiosity in space enthusiasts both young and old. Densely packed with hand-embroidered silk details like the rings of Saturn and the dynamic surface of our constantly changing Sun.

Design features include the 8 planets, their largest moons (Did you know Saturn has over 82 moons!?), and our favorite dwarf planet,Pluto; a periodic comet, perhaps the beloved Halley's; and countless asteroids, exoplanets, and distant stars.


    • Measures 72x72"
    • Cotton applique on 100% organic cotton base
    • Silk embroidery