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Haptic Lab

Trinity Quilt

"As west and east
In all flat maps (and I am one) are one,
So death doth touch the resurrection."
-John Donne

A unique, limited edition Constellation quilt contemplating humanity's lasting impact on our planet. The Trinity Quilt marks the start of our current geological epoch, the Anthropocene. According to an international group of scientists, this era began with the Trinity nuclear test, the first event of the modern age that can be measured throughout geologic time. 


Little Dipper, Orion, Aries, Andromeda, Perseus, Gemini, Cetus, Cygnus, Pegasus, Cassandra, and others. The quilt depicts the sky over 33°40′38″N 106°28′31″W at 05:29:21AM on July 16th, 1945.


Measures 61 x 61"

Designed in Brooklyn, made by our partners in India

Stars and Constellations are entirely hand-stitched

Made of 100% cotton sateen, digitally printed with a custom ice dye design from Brooklyn based fiber artist Kristin Culmo


For best quilt care, we recommend dry cleaning only.