Quilt Care Guide

Handmade quilts are investments, and will last for generations if they are properly cared for. This doesn't mean you need to keep a quilt under lock-and-key. Quilts are meant to be used and will age beautifully while being used continuously. Here are some simple rules to keep in mind while caring for a Haptic Lab quilt. 

Constellation Quilts are DRY CLEAN ONLY.

Our City Quilts sold online are machine-washable. Machine-wash on a gentle or hand-wash cycle with a mild detergent in cold water. Do not use bleach. The quilt can be tumble-dried on a low setting, or dried flat. NEVER line-dry or hang a wet a quilt. Washing should be infrequent; a quilt should typically only be washed once every six months or so. Spot-treat any stains using a vinegar solution. Dry-cleaning is also ok. 

Have you ever noticed how one corner of a sofa or rug will become faded over time? Keep your quilt out of direct sunlight if you can. Natural fibers degrade in UV light, and you can protect your quilt by simply keeping the curtains closed every once in a while. 

Threads may become loose or undone in some areas over time. Our quilters "bury" their stitched knots within the quilt itself to protect against unraveling, but it may occur eventually. Tie off unraveling thread to minimize. Even better, you can repair loose sections yourself by restitching open areas.

Store your quilt properly.  If you decide to store your quilt when not in use, loosely roll it and store in a closet with proper ventilation (and protection from moths). Never store a quilt in a plastic or air-tight container. Check on the quilt every so often. Open it up. Re-roll and re-fold it so permanent creases don't form. If you plan on storing the quilt for an indefinite period of time, you can wrap it in acid-free paper to minimize creasing.