Haptic Lab



Haptic Lab is a certified B Corporation. We are committed to higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency within each aspect of how we operate. As a purpose-driven organization, we use our experience, expertise, and products as a tool for positive change in the world. We are committed to creating sustainable, long-term solutions for positive economic and environmental impact locally and in the artisan communities we co-create with. 

We believe in creating an environment for continuous improvement, working toward long-term solutions because we recognize that impactful change is systemic. May that be how we continue to collaborate with artisan partners or the policy changes we advocate for, each decision we make is made with intention and our values in mind. 

Inspiring climate action is important to us. As a textile business, we recognize the importance of minimizing our environmental impact, and work with our partners to reduce the use of plastics and unnecessary waste. We aim to use low-impact materials in our products and design with the future in mind: every product we make should be used for generations. 

We recognize the importance of thinking about our impact both globally and locally. Which is why we support local small businesses in our operational purchases whenever possible, in particular MWBE certified businesses that work in underserved communities like our own neighborhood, Brooklyn Navy Yard, the unceded territory of the Munsee Lenape peoples.

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