Haptic Lab


We create meaningful, sensory connection between people and the planet through goods that nurture the senses.

A drawing made by Emily inspiring our Arctic Quilt. It details the ice cap loss over the last 30 years and predicted ice cap loss in the future.

Our Mission

Building connection through touch is at the heart of what we do. At Haptic Lab, we craft thoughtfully designed goods that create a meaningful, sensory connection between people and the planet.

Grounded in the sense of touch, we honor the hands that touch each of our products — from our artisan partners to our customers. We design with impact in mind — sourcing ethically, and producing responsibly. Our textiles and objects are ethically handcrafted by artisan partners in India and Indonesia. We go beyond fair wages, building long-term, equitable relationships rooted in respect, reciprocity, and collaboration. From the way we source to the way we design, these values guide each aspect of how we operate and reflect on the spaces we occupy.

We strongly believe the way we choose to operate as a business is political. Which is why, we make a conscious effort to not just design change, but mobilize change too. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact whenever possible, and work in deep collaboration with our artisan partners to operate as environmental stewards. We design with the future in mind.

Our Values

Sensory Connection

Respect + Reciprocity

Climate Action

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