Dymaxion Quilt

A unique, faceted patchwork textile sourced from Buckminster Fuller’s original 1954 Dymaxion Projection Map of the globe, the Dymaxion Quilt explores Fuller's approach to humanity's complex future on Spaceship Earth.

Fuller was an architect, designer, author and inventor. His Dymaxion map is the only map of Earth which reveals our planet as one island in one ocean.

Hand-quilted by our partners in India using black and white cotton on a white polysilk background with a soft linen backing. Mountains and river systems are hand-embroidered in a slate grey thread. Measures 69" x 87" and is machine-washable in cold water. 

We do not offer custom embroidery on the Dymaxion Quilts.

The Fuller Projection™ / Dymaxion Air-Ocean Map is a trademark of the Buckminster Fuller Institute (c) 1938, 1967 & 1992 )

Category: USA, World

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